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Author Topic: Fishing suggestions  (Read 1312 times)


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Fishing suggestions
« on: November 30, 2017, 08:14:20 PM »
Good day Floridians!!   Me n the family are down in the Clearwater bay area for a couple of weeks in early feb.   

I'm from Canada and fish the great white north every chance I get.. Mainly lake wpg and lake of the woods on the Canada side out of kenora.   I go for walleye bass musky catfish and all those freshwater sorts.

While in the area I'm looking to try my hand at some saltwater action,  thinking maybe some wade fishing off the shores while the missus and kids are visiting local friends and  occupied with all else the region has to offer.

Looking for any advise you can give to someone to hook into some nice ones. Them snooks i saw darsizle catching on YouTube  look pretty awesome. Kinda like a largy and big walleye combined with that big black strip down the sides!!   Wondering  if they in season around feb time?   What else is good to target in the area around that time?

We're driving  out and packing the subaru to the gills and im sure i can squeeze in some tackle to make the trip a fishing success. What all you suggest i bring along,  rod wise and tackle etc?   I like to fly fish too and can bring my 8 and 10 weight if its worthwhile.

Sorry abooot all the questions and rambling on and all. Any advise you can give would be really appreciated.

Also if you don't mind showing a 44 yo fart around would like to connect up for some group fishing -that'd be cool too!!  I got a 17' lund back home and spend  most  of my time hauling fish in from my favorite hunny holes in some beautiful remote spots.
  Honestly havent hardly spent any time shore fishing but unfortunately i just don't have the available funds to rent a boat while I'm out yer way.   So.. if you got a boat and wouldnt mind taking me out I'd love to return the favor in the summer and  offer up what we got here in the Manitoba and northwest Ontario region.

Any way. Thanks alot and thanks for reading.   Send me yer details if you got any advise. Would love to chat further!!

PS. Heres a photo of me and my favorite species!    That emerald color comes from sandy lake these big mommas swim in. Google  "Manitoba greenback fishing" and you'll get a good idea what its all about!     

Take care!!


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Re: Fishing suggestions
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2017, 07:46:18 PM »
I'm no expert, but here's what I'd bring for wading: 1) light tackle: medium or medium-light spinning rod with a 2000 or 3000 reel; 2) around 12, 15, or 18 lb braided line with 3-4 feet of 20lb floro leader; 3) weedless rigged soft plastics or a gold spoon; 4) some sort of wading bag or pack to carry your stuff.

Also, snook are super fun to catch, but in the winter you may have more luck with sea trout. Snook will be running up into the rivers to stay warm. If you want to wade fish, try to find some nice grassy flats and just cover area with artificials. The sheepshead bite will probably be good in febuary, and they like live fiddler crabs.

Also, I have no input on fly fishing, but if you want to hit the flats, send me a message and maybe we'll have some luck.


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Re: Fishing suggestions
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2017, 11:10:25 AM »
Good job on helping out a fellow fisherman . That's what this site is about !


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Re: Fishing suggestions
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2017, 11:33:30 AM »
Heck of a job Jeff.  I have been in Orlando the last couple of weekends to watch UCF  Kr^% the competition, so I have not gotten any fishing in.  your post has me itching to get out.  Today is perfect.  This weekend when I am off of work?  wellllll



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